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Welcome to Skilled Ecology Consultancy Ltd.

Professional Reptile Surveys, Reptile Mitigation and Reptile Fencing for Developers

Skilled Ecology Consultancy Ltd. is a specialist reptile survey, reptile mitigation and reptile fencing company, committed to helping developers to meet their planning requirements. We have the years of experience and equipment necessary, to implement all of your reptile survey and reptile mitigation needs, including reptile fencing and reptile relocation.

We will save you time and money through our fast, practical and effective approach.

Our reports are designed to satisfy Local Planning Authorities, so that you can achieve your planning permission as quickly as possible, maximising your profits.

Our high quality standard service includes:

  • Free initial advice;
  • Quotes within 24hrs 7 days per week;
  • Initial site visits within one week of commission;
  • Strong client focus;
  • High quality surveys and reports;
  • Low costs to help you to maximise your profits.

Our initial reptile surveys thoroughly assess areas of impact for risk of supporting reptiles, based on up-to-date reptile survey guidelines. These initial assessments regularly rule out the need for further reptile surveys or extensive reptile mitigation. Furthermore, we always look for ways to avoid impact to reptiles and work with developers to achieve this. If impact can be avoided, through minor changes to a project then this would negate the need for further reptile surveys and reptile mitigation, saving a great deal of time and money.

In low risk circumstances, it is often the case that habitat manipulation can be used to reduce the suitability of a site for reptiles. This manipulation can encourage reptiles into adjacent habitats, preventing harm to the reptiles, infringement of the law and also negate the need for further reptile surveys and unnecessary mitigation.

Where there is considered to be a high risk of harm to reptiles, then we have the skills to implement cost effective reptile surveys and reptile mitigation schemes, such as, reptile fencing and relocation.

Our client base is broad and includes; local authorities, construction companies, planning consultants, architects and private developers.

What our clients say about us: “Thanks Roger for being good value and quick.” Stuart Davis Optimum Building Design Ltd.



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Reptile surveys for developers including reptile mitigation, reptile fencing and reptile relocation services by Skilled Ecology Consultancy Ltd; the UK reptile survey specialists.